Trail Ride Troubles | Storm Cliff Stables | ABDO

Trail Ride Troubles, Storm Cliff Stables, by Lisa Mullarkey, published by Calico (an imprint of Magic Wagon, a division of ABDO), 2014.

About the book:

Avery, Bree, Esha, and Jaelyn – the Core Four are ready for the perfect summer at Storm Cliff Stables! A trip to Ridge Rock combines Jaelyn’s two favorite things: art and trail rides. She can’t wait to sit in the shade and draw the scenery, her friends, and their beloved horses. Plus, the Core Four get to see the heart they carved into their favorite tree the last time they were there. But when they arrive, the heart is nowhere to be found, because the trees have all been cut down! Who could have done such a thing and why? Will Jaelyn figure out who’s to blame?