Princess Evie | The Forest Fairy Pony | Simon & Schuster

Princess Evie 1: The Forest Fairy Pony, by Sarah KilBride, published by Simon & Schuster, June 1, 2021.

About the book:

Princess Evie and her pony go on a magical journey in this first book in an enchanting new chapter book series about a princess, her stable full of ponies, and the amazing adventures they share.

Princess Evie is worried about making friends as she joins a new class at school. But her mind is soon put to rest with the help of her magic pony, Willow. Evie and Willow go exploring and find an enchanted forest where they meet a group of forest fairies. Evie makes friends with Arwen, who needs her help rescuing a baby hedgehog. Could their act of kindness lead them to discover a secret fairy treasure?