Sleepover Girls 2 | Capstone Young Readers.

Four best friends plus one weekly tradition equals a whole lot of fun! Meet the Sleepover Girls: Ashley, Delaney, Maren, and Willow. Every Friday, new memories are made as these sixth-grade girls gather together for crafts, fashion, cooking, and of course, girl talk!  Grab your pillow, settle in, and get to know the Sleepover Girls. Answer the discussions questions after the story and grab the matching craft guide for even more sleepover fun!

Sleepover Girls:  Delaney vs. the Bully, Maren’s New Family, Willow’s Spring Break Adventure, Ashley Goes Viral.

Cover Art by Paula Franco. 

Published by Capstone Young Readers.

Grades 3 – 5  |  September 2015 |